Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Take a day off give it a rest

Hello! I've missed you all! I haven't been on and it seems like forever! I felt so bad about not posting but some days I just wouldn't feel like it or I really had to finish my school work! Anyway schools going okay for now aside from the fact that I have to draw nude people like everyday for my illustration class. 


I had a wonderful time in NY. The workshops were awesome and the Academy of Art University student show was great. That was my first time at New York Fashion Week. I saw Nigel Barker and Ms. J. Also I got to take a picture with Cecilia and Becky from Project Runway!!!!!!!! The street fashion there was so awesome and the all the people walking around the lincoln center in their fabulous fashions was a major score lol :)

My birthday is this friday the 30th and I'll be 19 hopefully it goes well. The dress Im wearing is the one I made that I posted before.

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