Sunday, August 21, 2011

where have you been

Hey guys! Ohh geez where have I been. I've been taking a short break from blogging and sewing! I feel so out of the loop with fashion news. lol Well I'm back! I'll be back to sewing as well. I've been out with friends a lot lately.I'm going to New York September 8th Im so excited the new school im transferring to already invited online students to a workshop with portfolio reviews and hopefully I receive a ticket for Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week that students from my school the Academy of Art University will be designing in. Even though its not Micheal Kors or Marc Jacobs or someone its still New York Fashion Week and I hope I go Im so excited!!!

Even though I haven't been blogging or anything I've still been playing with makeup and taking pictures!!! Lots of pictures. I colored my eyebrows white, made myself into a superhero and just had fun! ha I dont really care if people think im weird or wonder what am I doing! In the mean time I'll be working on more stuff for my portfolio to show when I go to New York.

Now I just tell my friends Its all for the sake of FASHION :D good enough excuse right?

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  1. Hey Crazy!
    Missed ya girl. You looked like you have been enjoying yourself and having a fantastic time!! You girls know you look good and you wore my favorite swimsuit ;)

    How's school coming along?

    Stay FABulous,

    The Other Coco Chanel
    Style~ Spotlighted at


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