Tuesday, July 26, 2011

two for one

Hello! I visited the Holocaust Museum in Richmond Virginia over the weekend its about an hour and a little bit more from where I live. Me and my friends went and we had a good time there at the mall and Ruby Tuesday. The museum all gave us the wow factor. I wish we would have gotten there earlier to watch the video that they had but we still walked around the whole thing and took lots of pictures.

The post is called two for one because I'm posting both outfits I wore over the weekend! :D


  1. That museum looks interesting. Loving those trousers you are wearing. :)SArahD

  2. de superbes photos....

    Vous êtes vraiment très jolies les filles, et j'aime beaucoup toutes tes tenues

  3. Love your second outfit!! the top look great with those green pants!!


  4. i went to the anne frank house in amsterdam and it was a great experience.

    by the way, i like your polka dot top and your shower curtain dress in the previous post.

  5. Your new hair looks awesome! And cute outfits. Especially love the top in the first one.

    Ps. That museum sounds fascinating. My friend went to Auschwitz this year and she said that was the most depressing but educational experience ever.


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