Thursday, June 9, 2011

Spring 2012 strut the runway show!

Well the show was a success! I had so much fun but I was super nervous about everything! Here are some photos from the runway show and also from the shoot I had! Hopefully I will have more photos and a video soon. The collection had 10 looks. It was inspired by plant life, the documentary the secret life of plants, The album Journey through the secret life of plants -by stevie wonder, the color green, flowers and the venus fly trap. The shorts with the flaps on the side were inspired by the venus fly trap. The fringe is like grace and the lace flowers and moss like :) Enjoy! let me know what you think of my pieces! :D

also here's the little commercial I did for a school project :)

Im in the process of making a website for my stuff! 

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  1. Great pics ! I love them ! I have also looked at other posts and this blog is so nice, if you also like mine follow it and I will gladly follow back ! Kisses from Italy

    Fashion and Cookies

  2. I'm glad your show went well! I love those green and orange shorts!


  3. So happy that the show went very well,lovely pictures!

  4. the runway looks are great--i can definitely see the garden inspiration.

  5. I'm totally loving your floral pieces ! :)

  6. This is an absolutely gorgeous collection! I love the floral shorts especially - and the floral kimono piece is so airy and beautiful! You are very talented.

    Thanks for visiting us! Your blog is lovely - we're now happily following! :)

    sorelle in style

  7. love floral shorts, so pretty *-*

  8. Loving the collection. THat white lace dress is gorgeous. :)SArahD

  9. congrats!!! loving all that lace and green :)

  10. I love that green lace dress. It's incredible!!!

    You did an amazing job on everything and I'm glad that it was all successful.

  11. So this is what you've been up to?;-)
    Swanning down the runway in vibrant makeup and colourful clothes. I have a fondness for bright colours especially pinks & greens. Have a nice weekend;-)

  12. Your clothes are great! I love the first outfit!

  13. Nice looks! :)


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