Tuesday, April 19, 2011

creative juice

Hey guys, how's everyone? Im fine I guess I can't complain well shouldn't complain.My classes are fine;so far so good. The only class I may have a problem with is English. I enjoy it but sometimes I just can't think of anything to write about or I can't come up with all the factors for each point for each paragraph! It's frustrating. Right now we have an essay due next class on a happy,sad, or scary time in our life. I thought about making the paper about when my grandmother passed away but I changed my mind again because it seems like I couldn't come up with a whole essay! So my next option was my first and only Stevie Wonder concert. I'm currently thinking of three key points in the show,it's not that it wasn't memorable because it was it's just that it was in 2009. It's hard to think back all that time! Hopefully I finish it well I will I just hope it's good.I just need to get my creative juices flowing! In the meantime I'm still sewing and practicing drawing still. I believe that my major doesn't have anymore drawing classes after Beginning Drawing and Fashion Illustration and I've already taken both so I have to practice drawing on my own if I want to get better. I'll show you my new sewing projects as soon as I get a chance.
 Who's ready for summer !? Me Me Me! Here's so inspiration photos for you guys ! :D <3

I got most of these photos from this awesome website I found out about through my school
its so amazing! sorry for the photo overload! I loved them all :D


  1. OMG!!! what a beutiful photos here..
    love Lindsey Wixson and Lily Cole at the last photo in those couture gown..

    PS: i can't imagine if i'm the one in that english class..you always speaks in english everyday but you still hate that class, LOL:))


    in Love&Light
    Queen D

  2. Great photos. I love that it is nearly summer. :)SarahD

  3. i hope these photos brought you some creativity. good luck on everything!

  4. so cooooooool pix dear!!

    amazin sheer body


  5. Oh dear, I'm so ready for summer!
    Good luck with school! I'm taking a writing class next semester, and I'm not looking forward to it!
    Have a wonderful Easter!


  6. loving the collection of photos!



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