Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beyonce is coming back!

Hey guys hows everything going? I started new classes this semester Apparel evaluation and construction, English, and Intro to design apps. I'm mostly excited about my Apparel evaluation and construction class, who knew right? Haha Well guess what to all you beyonce fans including myself, apparently she's supposed to be coming out with a new single and stuff soon! The new song is rumored to be called "girl" and she has a red flag with the letter "B" on it with black fringed shorts and a giant crown! Of course for Queen B! I have been waiting so long for her to come back I've missed beyonce so much! I love rihanna so much but we need beyonce back too! lol I'm not a big fan of keri hilson or anything so the world needs beyonce back! Allegedly the video is being shot in the Mojave Desert , and may feature up to 200 extras! Also have you heard Beyonce is no longer being managed under her father Matthew Knowles label? She's the last one to leave the nest former destiny child members have already left the label. lol But here's the photos I found are you as excited as I am!? I dont know about you guys but i'm ready for beyonce to do it cant wait!

and here she is in a roberto cavalli jumpsuit and coat


  1. this looks like it will be a pretty interesting music video! thanks for sharing the behind the scenes pictures.

  2. Wow, that is interesting! I can't wait to see Beyonce back!

  3. ♥nice post.)) love your blog♥

  4. elle est magnifique sur les deux dernières photos, et on attend son clip avec impatience

  5. cant wait to see this look awesome x

  6. cool overall
    lovelly pixxx

    kiss dear!

  7. I can't wait til this video is released. ;)SArahD

  8. she looks pretty in the 2 last pics... madame jay z is blond now hehehhee


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