Sunday, March 13, 2011

Keep the faith

That was the name of the sermon today in church, whew so much is going on!!!! ahh today is the day that my gradmother passed away March 13,2008. Shes the reason why I wear that necklace I wear everyday I miss her everyday i wish she was still here to see me. She was gone to soon without warning. but I know shes in a better place now this is her.

I could talk about her all day but I'll get on to the post. I know I said that I would post about Ny but I really wanted to post this first and I will post about NY on Wednesday or Thursday hopefully! I hope you all like this dress?  I wore It today to a fashion show :D

dress: thrifted
shoes: target
black necklace: grandmas
bag: h&m


  1. love this vintage look!
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  2. Love the pleated skirt,


  3. Sorry to hear about your nan. She looks lovely in that photo, just as you do. I really love the dress. The print, pleated skirt and shoulders are perfect. And you hair looks gorgeous! Love this look a lot.


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