Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blog Birthday!

Yes today is my blog Jolie fashions FIRST birthday! This is so exciting! Creating this blog has to be one of the best things I've done! I have got to see so much over this site and all the wonderful blogs that I follow and that follow me, and the ones that have been following me since I've started you can see how much I've grown. I have alot more to learn. I can't believe I have 80 followers I know to some of you on here that have more that may seem like little but to me thats alot. Since from when I first started I had maybe 5!!! Geez I to feel so close to some of you even though we've never met I just love the atmosphere and the love that you all give! I promised to post the photos from NY! This was my third time going there and I had a great time. Heres the photos :D
me and my friend tia in the hotel lol
my photographer friend sequita looking so purty!
this is her again
yes im sily lol me and my friend tia in this cool elevator!
picture i took of fashion Ave!
my outfit and sequita behind me lol
these two ladies that let me take a picture of their outfits!
outside lord and taylor

times square at night
mee :)

cruise we took to see the statue of liberty
haha this a photo we took from the ferry to see her. It was raining and windy which explains why I look like that! haha :D

Heres a little video I took while on the streets of NYC just for fun :)

Also since it is my blogs birthday and I've never done this I want you guys to post questions or anything that you would like to know about me and I will try my best to answer them! You can leave it in the comment or email it to me @ deska930@msn.com  
 also follow me on twitter @steviesawonder
and like the facebook page for jolie fashion please and thanks guys! :D


  1. Happy Birthday! This month is my blog anniversary birthday too! you should enter my giveaway!


  2. You are such a cutie!
    Happy birthday to Jolie Fashion!! :)
    I hope your days are beautiful.


  3. Happy blog birthday, hopefully this blog will last many years :D

    The photos of NYC are so amazing! My favourite is the 6th photo.

  4. happy blog birthday. love the last outfit.


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