Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Power Dressing

Hey ya'll haha (you all) anyway I've been working on the black swan stuff well its suppossed to be insired by black swan and the lady im doing it for does makeup and hair shows all the time so once I finish the outfits it will all come together if that makes any sense? lol well anyway I can't wait for you guys to see it. How's everyone? Thanks for all the comments on my dress! This post is called power  dressing becuase when I wore it to school one of my friends said to me. Why are you wearing a suit? I said just cause. He said oh you just felt like being a power house today! I couldnt help but smile! ha I loved wearing this suit! I Love fashion gosh ! What do you guys think ? :D

also you guys give me some hype please!


  1. You look fabulous in that suit! I love how you paired the leopard heels with the outfit. And that shade of red is so pretty! xo

  2. Fuschia, gold, and leopard! Makes you one hot momma :d hyped!

  3. Love the colour of the suit!



  4. OMG E!! may i say you look like a first lady with this suit?? and yeah! i'm not kidding, i'm really serious. Of course an edgy first lady with those gold necklace and leopard pupms..
    adore your leopard btw

    Enjoy your weekend baby!!


    in Love&Light
    Queen D


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