Friday, January 7, 2011

A new girl

Hey guys! I've been meaning to post and comment you guys back but I just haven't really had anything to blog about well I have but I've been having so much fun on tumblr and being on break from classes! I start back this Monday its weird that I only have class on Monday and Friday I'm taking fashion history II, retail math and textiles! I can't wait! I know you guys are looking for the post on my holiday dress but I scraped it. I know your disappointed but the dress was making me angry! I promise I will have something to show you before the month is over though! Also more sketches!
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Now onto my post this post is on a new model her name is Luisa Bianchin she's an 18 year old Germany native. She was discovered by a scout two years ago in Berlin. Guess what she opened for the Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 show! How Exciting!?! She didn't even know that she was shooting the show until 30minutes before it started!  Hopefully we see more of her here are some photos of her!

                                                                     Test Shot
                                                        Marc Jacobs Spring 2011
                                                                 Italian Flair Magazine
  Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2011

 The New York Times T Magazine

 How have you all been? <3


  1. Love her in the New York Times magazine, gorgeous! And enjoy your new classes :)


  2. I loved her hair.. the color is just beautiful!

  3. I hope you are feeling better now (your previous post said you were a little ill).
    Good luck with classes. I have classes everyday.:(
    I also love your new layout.
    Have a wonderful night.


  4. so familiar with her picture in Marc Jacobs S/S 2011 fashion show..
    her looks is totally amazing!!


    in Love&Light
    Queen D


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