Sunday, January 16, 2011

Brother Jeans

Yeah So I really love the boyfriend jean trend its so fun and easy and sooo comfortable really! I love it! My lil brother is shocked that I'm wearing his jeans haha. He doesn't understand lol, I took an old pair anyway that he doesn't need! lol oh and if you haven't noticed its called brother jeans since I dont have a boyfriend lol for them to be boyfriend jeans. ha I liked this outfit but I think I shouldv'e worn a more fitted top,actually I wore these with heels and I loved it but I dont have the photos. I'm wearing a necklace my mom brought for me, now you all know that I wear that heart shaped necklace everyday so I don't wear alot of necklaces even though I should lol so Im still wearing my heart necklace its just hidden under the bigger one! lol  but how are you all? Hope you enjoy?

         top: forever 21
jeans: wrangler ? I think
bag: H&M
shoes: xhilaration (target)
necklace: Charming charlie



  1. Amazing outfit and lovely pics! <33

  2. Love boyfriend jeans.
    Very comfy and nice with high heels :)


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