Thursday, December 9, 2010

We r who we r~

I freaking love this song! Ke$ha is awesome seriously listen to that song it gets you moving! Actually all her songs make wanna dance! lol I love it! Anyways I've been doing stuff for finals I can't wait to show you the outfits I made and the photos! I plan on making a dress for Christmas to wear hopefully I can do that in time! Anyway this is what I wore Tuesday I asked my friend who's a photography major her name is Sequita! Shes great! but I was just playing around taking these the ones for our final that she took you will see soon! :D

    top: rainbow?
    jeans: thrifted
    suspenders: thrifted
    shoes: keds
    scarf: given to me


  1. elles sont magnifiques tes photos, j'aime beaucoup ton look, et tes bretelles rouge

  2. I love the outfit, you look so adorable


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