Monday, November 15, 2010

Virginia Fashion Week post 1

I loved it it was awesome! as you all know I live in Virginia( the state) it was awesome! I had no idea they had one. I was expecting the show to be tacky and not put together but I loved it! My friend that also goes to my school was showing in fashion week. I only went to the emerging designer show and the catwalk show and a few "international designers" were there probally people you havent heard of cause I hadn't either. It was cool! I will post all the photos and all the videos I have just not at once. Its fine to voice your opinion because some of the pieces I was looking like WTF? but Its still fashion and i had an excellent time! Everyone loved my outfit! I made the tutu skirt myself! you guys know I had to! :D lol but here we go Heres a lil something the rest will be later in the week! :D
This is what I wore :D

This was one of the designers! I really liked the first look the print reminds me of Louis Vuitton for some reason!

heres the video:


  1. i totally love that skirt!!!

  2. I love your hair and the gold dress! smashing :), glad you had fun!

  3. amazing outfit!
    you look very fresh and chic. a perfect look for attending a fashion event!:)

  4. Wow it sounds awesome dear! You looked totally fierce too x

  5. Great post!
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  6. your skirt is amazing! i love your whole outfit, actually (:

  7. Love the skirt so much. Adorable

  8. Looks like you had so much fan at the fashion week..
    And I love your outfit.. very girly and beyond cute

  9. How cute do you look!

  10. love your shoes on the top!!xx


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