Monday, October 4, 2010

School House ROCK

Okay so some of you have realized that I haven't posted in a while or commented. My brithday was the 30th of September and I went out October 1st all night then October 2nd and 3rd I had dance performances so you can imagine how tired I am. I have missed all of you and your wonderful comments and posts thank you soooo much for still following me. I named this post school house rock becasue after looking in the mirror for a while it sort of reminded me of a school girl. The scarf,cardigan and everything. ha Actually I wasnt going to wear the scarf at first then I found it looking through my clothes and I just put it on I was so excited at how great it looked! I couldn't take nay photos outside becasue of the weather. I'll post what i wore for my birthday gathering too. School Starts back up tomorrow new semester. Im still praying for peace, when GOD is ready for me to be over this I will be and when that days comes I'll be "overjoyed". Oh yeah and the skirt I'm wearing used to be gaucho pants I altered them and made them into a skirt!! who hoooo!! :)

what I wore for my birthday!


birthday dress: olive ole
Other outfit: top: kmart
skirt: were gaucho pants I altered them and made them into a skirt!!!
trouser knee highs: walmart
shoes: DEGREE
scarf: my great aunts(given to me)


  1. great dress, you look cute
    and i like your blue sweater

  2. Happy Belated Birthday sweety :)
    I love that dress wow, you look pretty!

  3. Gorgeous oufits, dear dear new follower ! (by the way,thank you for that).

    And you looked so wow in your birthday dress ! :)

  4. You look so beautiful!!


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