Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I madeeeee it!

i love animal prints! Im sure you've all seen lil animal print things. I wanted an animal print vest bad but I didnt want to spend alot on one so I decieded to make my own. I also made the hat. I finished and started this all in the same night and wore it today to school. Including the tassel fringe! BTW we have midterms and stuff now which is why I havent been on here.! sorry guys! Let me know what you think of the hat and vest? :D


  1. Cute!:)

  2. What a creative and talented girl you are!;-)
    The vest is lovely - and since I'm fond of hats - I am glad to see hats here, especially made by the lady. Since both hat and vest are animal print, I would wear them with different outfits.
    Hope you are well. Nice music here today. Have a sweet weekend;-)

  3. Oh I wish I knew how to make my own clothes too :/

  4. I think the vest is such a nifty idea especially with the cute little tassels. Good on you!

  5. You're so creative,congratulations!
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