Monday, September 13, 2010

Rihannas outfit

Sorry guys I haven't really had anything to post about sure I couldve posted about Fashion Week but isn't everyone else? And If you want to see you could go to the site I just didnt want to keep repeating everyone else's posts. Of course boys are still being boys. ha a___holes. Excuse my frenchm fine.! Ha but I but anyway I loved Rihannas last Night at the VMAS I love her like freaking love her!! Idk why people  kept saying bad things about her or lady gaga!? ahh STFU people =) Did you like her outfit or not? Be honest folks wont hurt my feelings everyone doesnt like the same things! Again I apologize :)

I love Her :D


  1. I agree with you about not posting on things 1million & 1 people are posting about. That's why I don't really do much product release posts

    I hated Rihanna's outfit btw

  2. I don't like her outfit. I think it is unflattering on her (where's her waist?)...and it doesn't look like her normal, innovative, edgy style.

  3. I really liked her red wig last night! I think she looks really good as a red head.

  4. her hair and her dress :) but i think she will look gorgeous if she wears a pair of red pumps then that military boots :)

  5. cool pic here!

    kiss dear:))

  6. I didn't care for her outfit. But I'm not really a fan of hers at all.


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