Saturday, September 18, 2010

odd mixing

I love wearing these camouflage shorts!! I love the baggy look sometimes hehe. Well I've been busy still doing stuff for school. School let out on Friday so I've got about a two week break. So now I'm looking for a job and trying to get myself together. I promised myself I'd be over that person before my birthday on the 30th of September but I guess it'll all happen in Gods time even though I'm sooooo much better than before. I just have to take up the courage to cut him off completely theres something still holding on like i cant delete him from facebook or my web cam chat list. Its fear I know shame on me. Am I the only girl that has ever been almost over someone but doesn't want to let them completely go as in deleting them and never talking to them again hmhm. I think i am sadly..BUT I know I will figure this out.
top: from some store in New York
shorts: Jc Penny
Shoes: Jordan's!! :D


  1. my kinda look!
    u look nice :)

  2. Cool shorts. I have a pair of army print shorts also.

  3. u look so cool here dear!


  4. You have a gorgeous smile :)

    Mia Bbook

  5. c'est un plaisir de regarder tes photos, j'aime beaucoup ton short militaire


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