Friday, September 24, 2010

Birthday List

So my birthday is in 6 days its September 30th! I'll be 18. My friends well the few I have sugessted going to a club..I dance I love dancing as you all know. I'm just not to keen abuot the bumping and grinding dancing that people do now a days in clubs or parties I've never even been to any for that reason. Seems like thats all they do at parties..its disgusting.Can't we actually dance!? Not bump and grind the whole freaking time! I cant see myself doing that.. now if I were to do that Lawd. Ha but anyways Ill let you guys know what I end up doing. Anyways I didnt really ask for anything on my birthday except a bike,thigh high boots,and rain boots. Now I got the thigh high boots and another pair of boots I can't wait to wear from charloutte russe. Now the bike im still working on it but hopefully I get it! These are a few other things I would like! If only I had a J-O-B. Anyways I made a new twitter. so follow me I follow back just tell me who you are as long as your not some crazy pervert! lol just say hey im following you Im from blogger or something so I know! also I have a facebook but I want to make a fan page for my blog! But isn't it basically the same as your regualr facebook page? Can you guys give me some ideas on what I could put on it!? and would you add me? also you can vote for me theres a little ad on the right hand corner when you first come to my blog to vote for me!oh yeah but heres my regualr facebook.. and my twitter is :)

Bell Sports PickWisk Wickers Errand Backet

Image 1 of ASOS AVENUE Wool High Lace Up Hiker Boot
these are just a few things i Want!! of course theres more :) hehe


  1. I love the rain boots, I can't wait to see yours.
    I guess I should add a bike to my X-mas list! I hope you'll have a fabulous birthday honey!

  2. These shoes are all so incredible. Wish i could pull of over the knee boots.

    Ooo my birthday is October 3. I don't think I'm gonna do anything. i'll be 19 though, officially legal for EVERYTHING. haha

  3. lovely boot post!

    kiss dear

  4. These boots are so sexy - as boots should be!
    I adore the last two pairs.


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