Thursday, August 26, 2010

What do you do

hmhm what to do now what to do! He still contacts me occasionally but I dont let it phase me I want to be over this before my birthday which is Sept. 30th! but I know I cant just speed up the process I guess it'll be done when God thinks I'm ready,hmhm whats the rush anyway its not like hes coming back! Plus now that he's in school (college) hes got tons of other girls to talk to!! Who'd care about me I'm only one person! Ive only been the best gf ever and forgiven you and stood by your side but still nothing! but hey who's complaining hehe :) yeah I laugh and smile alot I think its a gift. I laugh when I'm sad,mad,angry,happy only certain people can tell my real emotions. sometimes I smile and its not even on purpose I just think its to keep from crying! "We laugh to keep from crying though right"!?

Every time I wear this hat someone says you remind me of a sunflower or you should be in a field or you look southern. I'm like IDGAF. dang! I wear what the F___ i want! smh. Also this is another one of those halter tops. hmhm. I'm sort of upset that the ruffles were in the back instead of the front? but I guess it works. Oh yeah and the one w.the gloves on is from drawing class today! i brought them for this class specifically for when we use charcoal and crap. I wanted to wear them because I didn't feel like washing my hands 10,000 times today after class from charcoal stains all over my nails haa. I gave the class a few laughs ha,. A gardener? yeah ha whatever! I like my flower gloves you bastards! Oh yeah and no offense to anyone I'm technically a bastard myself I just say that to anyone no offense Its kinda my favorite word whether you are one or not. Don't take it personal :)

top: JC Penny
Pants: Thrifted Calvin Klein
belt: Jc Penny
hat: thrifted
shoes: Payless
gloves: family dollar


  1. I loooove your outfit!
    cute pictures :)

  2. So cute outfit, I love the shoes!=)

  3. love the hat! your such a cutie!

    cheers, Jesa :)

  4. Cute outfit! Love your top and sandals. :)SarahD

  5. I love that top!

  6. I love you! I smile a lot too. Nobody knows what is within a smile. Just stay happy, dear.
    I love your outfit. I have a similar top from Charlotte Russe. :)
    Have a wonderful weekend.


  7. I love your crop top. It's so cute.

    Honestly, you should just forget him and move on. I think the more you think about him, the more damage you do to yourself. If he left you or w/e happened, just think about it being in the past. Delete his number from your phone, delete him from your life and cherish the good things. Once you leave thoughts of him behind, then you will find someone who will love you and appreciate you.


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