Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Put the Blame on Gaga

"Apparently, Lady Gaga's creepy doll-like eyes in the "Bad Romance" video have touched off an international trend of wearing "circle contacts," a type of colored contact lenses that make one's irises appear larger than normal, reports the New York Times. Normally this would be like any other Gaga-esque fad — pantslessness, lobster-claw shoes, etc. — which are of questionable taste but ultimately harmless (the occasional stumble notwithstanding). These contacts, on the other hand, are actually dangerous and illegal, and wearers "risk significant eye injuries — even blindness," according to FDA spokeswoman Karen Riley. Why do these little lenses pose such a hazard? Because it's illegal to sell contacts — corrective or cosmetic — without a prescription, since ill-fitting ones can cut off oxygen to your eyes.But suffocating eyeballs be damned! Gaga fans are pursuing the otherworldly anime look with fervor, ordering the $20-$30 lenses online. The Times quotes several girls who overcame their initial skepticism to become "circle lens addicts"; so far, not one of them has reported any vision problems. As for Gaga herself? Her look was most likely digitally created" (NYT) www.nymag.com

Seriously is this the only person we can blame for things! We can't help that people do what she does. Seroiously I love gaga stop IT! I didnt even think that it might have been done digitally or is she wearing the contacts!? Who cares gaga is hott she's here to stay and we love her! What do you guys think?


  1. I think gaga is brilliant! Love her music. But, i find those round lenses a little creepy to be honest.hahaSarahD:)

  2. Okay really?! How about those color contacts that everyone had back in like the early 2000s. At least everyone in my HS would wear them. Or how about all the goths out there that wear the white outs or the cat eyes? I'm pretty sure not ALL of them really need contacts. I hate that they are acting like this is the first time contacts that change yours eyes are a fad. Whatever. Lady Gaga will keep on doing what she does and people will keep on following whatever she does. haha

  3. OMG! Seriously!
    Why do they have to put the blame on Gaga? It's no her fault. People always try to copy these type of things. It's so stupid.
    Gaga did it for the video and I loved it. I think it was made digitally, I saw a tutorial how they did it, it was like in Avatar.
    If they want to be stupid and spend their money on it...just let them do it.


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