Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gaga is the Creative Director!

According to "MIT's museum recently acquired thousands of revolutionary photographic inventions by Polaroid. And so Lady Gaga, as Polaroid's new creative director, owed the university a visit! She went and posed for a Polaroid wearing a low-cut, see-through lace dress and necklaces made from electrical pins and barbed wire. We hear a few doctorate students in the electrical engineering department were devastated by the havoc she wreaked on their sure-to-be-revolutionary inventions. But she was able to make it up to them by offering some freelance design work on sparkler panties." I think she looks gorgeous!! The dress is amazing and so is the black and white photo! What can't gaga do! =D


  1. haha, that was pretty funny. love the polaroid!

  2. she is lovely!
    join my first GIVEAWAY...!!!

  3. i love Lady Gaga(: !!
    &+ im following you now.
    thnx fer the comment(:


  4. Oh I love Gaga...
    enter my giveaway?

  5. i love this pic of her! & i had no idea she had that peace sign tattoo! that's the exact tattoo that i want..same place

  6. Ahhhmygahd. GaGa looks amazing. I <3 her. So very much. .

    Anyways, just found your blog and I like! Totally following ;)


  7. Put your paws up for Gaga, mes petits monstres! ;-)

    Daaaamn I wanna see her again when she'll be back in Paris!!! I want it so much!


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