Monday, July 19, 2010

African American Ready to Wear fashion Designer!?

Tracy Reese
OMG!! You can't imagine how excited I was to find out that there was an actual Ready to Wear Fashion Designer that actually presents at Fashion Week and has collections! Now don't get me wrong I love D&G. Balenciaga,Etro, Alexander Wang and the rest;but an African American one is hard to come by! I'm so excited!! I've been trying to find one for sooooo long!  I had no Idea she designed a dress for Michelle Obama either! Tracy Reese has been around for  while too! How could I over look her!? Omgosh you guys have to look her up! I plan on doing a post on a different designer every week now I will try my best to! I'm just so overwhelmed and happy! Now someone else that I can look up too! Omg! Take a look at her Fall 2010 RTW! :)
I love these!!

And now... Tracy Reese!
Heres a quick label overview! :)
"Reese’s style is unabashedly girly, but made to fit the lifestyles (and bodies) of real women. With a namesake label and bridge lines and offshoots—ranging from home and shoes to nail polish and hosiery—the brand has captured great commercial success and recognition across many categories."
Look Her up! what do you think..?
Btw I got the Photos from :)

Heres one of her videos from Spring 2010 RTW :)


  1. I love the dress in the first pic, looks awesome!

  2. Great Collection. I love the pink dress

  3. That's so cool. She looks really talented. I love all her clothes. Best of all, I like that they look wearable everyday. Awesome find.

  4. that is so inspiring! we still have alot of walls to break down in fashion . I'm actually talking a lil bit about this in a post i just did. let me know what you think =]

  5. Oh wow! I LOVE her design. Thanks for sharing. She's amazing. I love all of the pics you posted for fall 2010 RTW. Great find!

  6. i like her collection ! :) that´s greta. love the 4th model :P

  7. oh those pink dresses! i love them!

  8. cool winter post!

    lovely looks!

    keep in touch!


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  10. I'm so happy that there are at least some african am. designers and models =] I'm totally loving the lace dress on the model <3

  11. i'm loving the nude body con mini with the black pretty!

  12. I will definatly be lookin her up! Also, I really like your blog it's niceeee


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