Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Whats a Lappa?

I always get this question: Why are you wearing that? What's a lappa. Well here you go a lappa is a wrap around skirt that you wear. Lappas  are traditionally worn in West Africa. Okay I used to take African Dance I haven't been to class lately because of transportation reasons. I've been doing african dance since I was about 8. I love it its good exercise too. Out of all the dance styles I have experience with this is one of my favorites! I will post a video of me soon dancing. My little brother used to take drum lessons. When we african dance we have bare feet we never wear shoes your suppossed to feel the earth and its a celebration,or a wedding or whatever the cause may be. We dance to live drums none of the recorded or taped stuff! Thats another reason why I love it its live real you can hear and feel the drum in your chest every beat! I could go on about this. I wore a lappa yesterday my one of many! I got a few looks and stares but I dont care I love wearing my lappa wether its in class or out of class!  One day I'll post a video of one of my african dances and you'll get to see my little bro drumming. Enjoy =)


  1. I never knew what a lappa was before this. Really interesting. And I love the colours in your one.:)SarahD

  2. I'm West African. I'm from Nigeria, so I have like 10 of them. They are so comfortable!
    You are beautiful.


  3. Such a lovely print!! I think dancing to live music is so much more special, and truly a lost art! Really interesting to learn about different styles of dance too, despite the fact that I'm way too clumsy to dance at all, I find it really interesting to learn about!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  4. Such a beautiful lappa, I absolutely love the line, the color and the print! Must be very comfortable, too. I used to wear my jazz romper in the street and I too remember those stares:) Is there any online store that sells lappas, btw?

  5. no I dont know of a store but in class when we needed new ones or what have you, all you do is go to a fabric store find an african print and wrap it around you and cut a strip and voilia! (sp)

    and thank you all for your commments! =)

  6. im from ghana :D i lovve yoour skirt ..sooo cute
    would love to seee you a video!!

  7. yeah we're doing an international dance and my nationality is nigerian so we will be wearing those in our group

  8. I love your skirt, nice blue colour

  9. what u are wearin is amazinnnnnnnnn!


    thanx for visitin:))


  10. if you love your lappa then wear it! who cares what others say. when it comes down to it, it's your fashion and you want to own it.

    oh and i love how you're modeling that skirt, especially the last photo--you're sitting in it! :)

  11. ahh I love traditional African clothing! last week I saw this gorgeous woman wearing head to toe African clothing, in the same colourful fabric - even her headpiece, she was so stylish! you rock that skirt :D curious of the dance moves haha

  12. cute! i can't wait to see you dances
    thx for visiting my blog :)

  13. this reminds me, i have to do a post on my kente and printed garb. i don't wear lappas but i wear a regular dyed cloth which can be worn several different ways. i miss dancing now :(

    where are you from?

  14. I love the print on the lappa. I had no idea what a lappa was before, but I do now! :)

    xx miss anonymous.

  15. i love the pattern of your skirt!Thanks for becoming one of my little fashion god's!

  16. What heerful patterns - I adore African dance, food and garments.
    Have yet to visit the continent, but it's on my travel list. Nice weekend!;-)


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