Saturday, June 5, 2010

TOO Hott

I started off wearing jeans in this outfit but that wasnt going to work! It was too hott out got to see Shrek 4 today I'm sad that this is the last one! Those babies are so cute! lol So after the movies I had to change! Anyways Im sorry to all of my followers and people I follow If I havent commented your blog lately our computer has been acting up lately and cuts off randomly! Ugh! but anways I will try my best to get to you all! <3 Now this shirt Im wearing over my T-shirt was given to me brand new! tags and all from my mother friend I love it! The rest of the things im wearing I already had! My heart necklace of course the pearls and that long double chain gold necklace was my great aunts! This belt I found in my foot locker I said hey this will work! You guys like? again I will get back to posting things and commenting others! Thank you all! =)

T-shirt: No boundaries, Button up: New york and company, flats: xhilaration (target) shorts: idk lol =)


  1. Nice post, like it.... keep blogging.

  2. cute blog :X

  3. nice denim shorts! I always love to wear them in the summer!

  4. thanks for following my blog and you have a great blog yourself. btw i love the new black shoes you got in a past post. they are vicious!

  5. Love the shirt and the belt!
    I like the way you've layered and put the outfit together, talent! :D


  6. Oh thank you girl =)

    Where are you from? NY? If yes, you make me envious ;)

  7. I love target! they have such cute affordable stuff

  8. Love the outfit and those shoes are so cute, my favourite pattern! Great pictures, too!

  9. Adorable pics!!

    lovely blog!

    Cheers, Jesa

  10. this outfit is too hot! haha
    your blog is looking amazing


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