Monday, June 14, 2010

The silverling

I wanted to practice my photography skills I know I'm not that good and this is showing that I don't always have to point the camera towards myself this is my little sister she's modeling things that I made like don't like? Enjoy
oh yeah she's 11 ! ha
I did her makeup too :)
silver outfit:
gray jumper with suspenders: made by me!
silver chain necklace: made my me!
silver sweater: my grandmothers
bow: family dollar
baby doll shoes: walmart
belt: unknown from an old pair of jeans

Blue checkered outfit:
skirt: made by me
blouse: harve benard
baby doll shoes: walmart
pearl necklace: great aunts
silver chain necklace: made by me ! :)

This great blogger was the only one that could figure out what I was missing in a post before this and it was my necklace! Check out her blog its amazing :)))


  1. go silver!

  2. cool both looks!!!!!!!

    lovely pics!

    keep visitin:))


  3. Great outfits sweetie.
    Yoir pictures are very cool ;)

  4. Really like the silver chain necklace.:)SarahD

  5. You are really handy!!!
    By the way, really thank you to comment my posts everyday;)

  6. Andrea St. CloudJune 16, 2010 at 1:31 PM

    I gotta give it to you... it takes a special someone to make some looks even more ridiculous. The outfits aren't flattering and the makeup is totally wrong for her complexion. Just horrible. \\

  7. thanks for your honesty! and for the record I know that I just wanted to try it out you know something new? I aprreciate it though. ha


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