Thursday, June 24, 2010

Milan Spring 2011 Menswear!!

Milan Spring 2011 Menswear!! I loved all of these I couldn't post them all but these were some of my favorites! :))
Dolce and Gabbana awesome!! I loved the blues and the greens!
They made plaid look so luxurious! I love it especially the jean looks too
Dsquared2 I love Dean and Dan! Omgosh I couldn't help but add in these two lovely outfits the ladys had on too! I wonder why they were in the menswear mix!? but hey I love their outfits the first one is gorgeous!
I love the soft colors and the pastels they chose are perfect.
Etro was fabulous! Like seriously the black and white prints are amazing!
Check out those dark green pants too ? ahh! I love the jacket print thats also a blazer too!
That black and white print blazer with the bow tie is my favorite! This was a great collection!

giorgio armani always luxurious! I love the rich blues and different tones of blue they chose.
That strip of baby blue across that shirt is my  favorite.
Moschino! Ahh! Love the colors and prints this is deff different from the rest!
The looks look so fresha and new and fun! The first outfit is really nice especially with that hint of sea green one of my favorite colors. I also love the plaid pants!
Alexander McQueen ahh! I love the first outfit really those pants are amzing seriously!
This red velvet works! Love that jacket too

I'd love to see any guy in one of these outfits show up on the red carpet in this they'd deff. be on the best dressed list!!                    
Check out this awesome blog! Follow here comment her blog she has great style and she's an awesome blogger! :)))


  1. I love the guys spring wear!

    They look so cool!

  2. Moschino!
    i love all three looks

  3. I want a boyfriend who dresses like that. Love those coloured pants.

  4. It's nice to see someone focusing on menswear for a change!!

  5. yum, fashion <3
    cute blog babe,

    nancyy (ctrl + ♥)

  6. the blue pants in the second picture are so beautiful

  7. what a super fun post! Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

  8. Great post again!! And so sweet for advertising my blog! Really really appreciate that!! Thankyousomuch!!

    Love, Irene

  9. i love this post!!!! the pieces are amazzing!!!

  10. These are all so ultra cool.


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