Thursday, June 3, 2010

If I just Lie here

Yesterday I figured I got dressed with my eyes closed. Ha yesterday I just wanted to have fun with my outfit. The jean skirt I'm wearing was once Capri's and i decided hey i never wear these why not make into something that I will wear? they were also to big on me too. So last year I took in one side of them then I cut the leg part and put some tiny rips in them and voila a ripped short jean skirt! Then I just found any top to wear I figured it went well. The braided headband I've been waiting to wear for a while I couldn't find anything to go with it so I put it with this. Then I put on my Kenneth Cole brown slippers there super comfy when i first bought them maybe I'll get the insides redone. There's a gold chain I wore around my waist as well. Anyway I just layed out on blanket under our little tree and took these all of them even the ones in the air over me! I'm so happy I could I get tired of asking other people to take my photos and they don't do them how you want them done;those of you who are picture takers like me know what I mean. I've been slightly down lately because of an old breakup hopefully this will pass. Also the green neckalce and two bracelets I made I also made the braided colorful one, one green bracelet is a wrap around and the other a normal bracelet. If your intrested in anything let me know I'll showcase some of my work soon. Another thing that felty blue blanket I'm laying on I also made. Until then smile P.S. there's a lil basket on my head in a few photos =)


  1. Hi dear...
    great photos... Loveeee your red top!! my favourite color <3


    Ivânia Diamond

  2. Your photos are fun to view!
    I'm trying that with a pair of jeans I never wear.
    Thanks for sharing.


  3. She looks amazing as usual i love your back yard lots of greenery!

  4. Nice location with the grass! cute.

    - Maria, from L.A.

    follow? :)

  5. i love your photos. you look like you're having way too much fun :)

    thanks for following hun!

  6. nice pics!

  7. Nice post i like it, keep posting and happy blogging....

  8. nice photos, seems like a great day :)

  9. Aww, you look super cute here! Loving the braided headband.

    Omg, I know what you mean about people taking photos for you, when I'm taking pictures it is the one time I wish I could be in two places at once.

  10. these pics are nice. and nice blog!!!


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