Friday, June 11, 2010

dundunba african dance! =)

Okay for those of you who have asked I am from Va hampton,Virginia. I started taking african dance classes around age 8. I havent lately because of transportation my dance teacher has moved hopefully I can start going again. This is a video of me doing few very few I think its like 4steps of steps from the dance dundunba the quality isn't that good promise I'll get a better one uploaded I just wanted to give you guys a little taste. I know its blurry I apologize bare with me please! By the way that's my little brother drumming in the backround. Oh yeah and everytime I switch steps is when he plays the break if you dont know what that is the break is when the beat changes slightly. Next I'll make a clear video of me dancing! and another one of me diong one of my middle eastern (belly dances) Enjoy sorry for the quality again! =)

If you cant see it go here! and then leave a comment on my blog about it not youtube thanks guys xoxoxo =)


  1. I can see that you changed your blog too.
    Looking hot.
    Don't we all love the design thing?

  2. whooa, that is an awesome dance! u do it so well! i really want to take dance lessons but i never have time.

  3. woahh! this dance is so awesome:) you are so good, wicsh i could dance like that! yay love tuelle dresses hehe;0

  4. superbe vidéo, et de très bonnes danseuses, j'adore

  5. lol i took african class this year for the first time!!! i thought it would be really fun but it's a lot of work! i enjoyed it tho

  6. You did a great job!!!



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