Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Classicly Classic

I had one of my high school graduations today we had to wear either all black,white or black and white. I'm graduating from too high schools! I graduate from my other school Saturday. Sadly I'm not sad at all. I've never been sad in school about school being over or a grade level ending. 5th grade I was cool,8th I was cool and now 12th I could give two hoots! The people in high school are so fake and its drama filled so why would I feel sad about those people!? I don't even talk to half of them! Ha all I care about in school is making the grades seriously =) Well back to my outfit I decided to wear a simple braid again I love my hair braided. I had a sort of older made dress and my shoes were my grandmothers so I guess people were looking at me like why is she wearing those shoes why is she wearing that. I had to debate with myself on which shoes to wear  I know you've all had this experience when your like should I wear this or what will they think if I wear this? WHO GIVES A RATS BEHIND! I said who cares I want to wear this dress I want to wear my hair like this and I want to wear these shoes I do what I want I wear what I feel ! I decided not to wear my simple black pumps I decided to wear these beige cream colored shoes instead :) Enjoy =)
No zipper!? Even better
dress: Thrifted
Shoes: Vintage (my grandmothers)
necklace: signature heart pearl necklace
bag: Chanel (my grandmothers) =)
Bow: family dollar


  1. You look beautiful. I love the Chanel bag.
    The second picture is 5*

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. :) Congratulations on graduating, and from 2 high schools! I don't know how that works. :) I like the outfit you picked including the shoes. I think the cream color is much more fun than just black. Oh, I want to mention, that I just LOVE how confident you are, and that's not easy to come by in a girl your age. :) Have fun!

  3. Congrats! Girl, you put that bag on the floor! lol


  4. I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for all of your nice comments that you left on my blog. Your blog is great by the way.


    -Amber Randell

  5. You look so gorgeous!!!!!

    Like incredibly beautiful!

    I felt the same way when I graduated. It's so much better after.

  6. congrats on your graduation!
    loving the black dress too, your really looking classy!

  7. love your bag!!...nice pics too :)

    thx for your recent comment

  8. Love the dress and the heels are way cool

  9. Oh, nice dress! I like it.


  10. lovely dress here:))

    thanx for visitin!!!!

    keep in touch!



  11. wouah, elle est magnifique cette robe, et te vas très bien.
    Et j'adore ton sac Chanel

  12. So chic!! I agree, wear whatever you want and take no notice of what anyone else thinks! I know how difficult it can be to have the confidence to wear what you want in school, due to people who will put you down, so good for you. People care so much about who is the most popular and everything, but nobody will even remember who was popular within about 6 months of leaving. Sorry for the epic comment, but basically you look great and good for you for wearing what makes you happy!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  13. All I can say is wow! The dress, the shoes, the bag - everything is supercool and the pictures are great!

  14. Congrats on graduating a black dress is perfect for graduation



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