Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bright and funky mix!

I have been looking for affordable harem pants since forever okay not really but you know what I mean. I finally found some I brought them last week I was waiting for a chance to wear them, I decided to wear them to my orientation at the Art Institute of Virginia Beach. I cant wait to start school. Ready to start my career! I wasn't sure about this outfit but what the heck who cares be daring be different very different!
Enjoy these photos.
go above the NORM! =)

Vest: thrifted
T-shirt: JcPenny
Harem Sweat Pants: H&M
Blazers: Foot locker


  1. Love the outfit and the kicks too!

  2. That vest is gorgeous. I love that neon shirt. I really want to get myself a neon skirt also.

  3. those are awesome nike sneakers! ive always wanted something like that. and omg, im STILL looking for harem pants! i hope you have fun at school!

  4. The kicks are happening.

    True Queen

  5. I like your vest. I have so many thrifted vests, that look like that! :)
    Have a lovely Sunday, darling.


  6. j'adore ton style, et j'aime beaucoup tes baskets

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  8. Cool outfit, love it! Simple but chic!

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