Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Topless Bikini

Lindsay Ellingson is topless! Victoria Secret has out a topless bikini when I first saw this my jaw dropped what will they come up with next. I mean really..? Where in the U.S. could you wear this I mean there are some places that you can but really.. really? I just don't know about this one. Me I'm no small person up top either I'm probably sure a lot of us aren't and me personally I wouldn't want to wear this in public with my size whether i was allowed to or not. Why not just wear bottoms them and no top? why have that skinny string coming up around your neck? This is just a reason for people to be more perverted. Eww!

Oh and wait there's a bandeau top that goes along with it this makes it SO much better..Not doesn't this defeat the purpose of it being topless. This is not worth $68 dollars. Why not just either wear only bottoms or wear a top and a bottom whats the point of all this extra-ness! (no that's not a word) Although she looks good in it, and you have to take into consideration even though she is gorgeous she has a bird chest which is also another reason why it looks good on her. What do you all think?


  1. It is unbelievably disgusting! And for $68!!!
    I mean, what's the point of wearing one. A bikini is supposed to cover your privates!!!


  2. indeed what the heel! maybe here in Europe since the girsl are topless anyways...

  3. you live in Europe!? cool
    and yes it is disgusting idk what they're thinking.

  4. I think it's actually a pretty cool idea. Obviously it's not for everyday wear but for the small percentage who frequent topless/nude beaches. If I were one of those people, I'd def buy this.

    But for now, I'll stick with buying swimsuits that have a bottom AND a top.

  5. I don't like this lol when I first saw it I was like "what?" LOL confusion my face.



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