Monday, May 31, 2010

made them myself! =)

I designed and sewed these myself! Again Laying in bed before gettin gup this mornign I said I want to make some shorts. I started as soon as I woke up @ 10:00 and finished everything @11:11. HA! unbelievable right? Well I used an elastic waist,the ends are unhemmed, and thas about it. I used this old fabric that my aunt in New York had. I will be making a dress out of this material soon I'm half way done with the dress. I have never made shorts before! I love wearing things that I have made. I hope my dream to be a designer comes true! I got so many double looks and turns and a few snikers. BUT hey IDC was it suppossed to make me feel bad? CHange my clothes? No I wear what I want not to please you. If you dont like it thats your opinion but Im living for me! Quite frankly I was proud of myself for 1. Not giving up this morning even though I was in a rush just to wear something really quick 2. For not changing 3. For sticking to what I think is best 4. For putting in the hard work to make these! Also as I said before I got the unhemmed look from Miu Miu! I loved those shorts and the jacket she had in that collection. The shorts that I made were also of silk material so you can imagine.! Oh and P.S. I got this shirt from wet Seal for like $3 dollars! What do you guys think of the look!? opinons welcome! =)


  1. Girl you've got some talent there. That top looks like something i saw in a store today, keep up the good work you'll reach far with hard work and determination....

    I love them hon!

  2. great style!

  3. une très jolie, avec un très beau sourire.
    De belles photos

  4. well done on making shorts! i like the colour of them

    love from amelia of la ville inconnue

  5. No way did you make those so quickly!! They're a really cool colour (:

  6. Wow! You did it yourself?
    Looks very good, Great job!

    Love :)

  7. Love it, you look so nice :D

  8. Great photos. You look fantastic. I really like that outfit.


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