Sunday, May 30, 2010

A little bit of greenery

Like the title!? ha well I've had this green dress for a while,and as I woke up today and I knew I just knew I would wear this dress. Then I thought why not put my white bow blouse under it! Yes! Then I added my fuchsia colored short pumps for a lil more color! and 3 necklaces, my everyday pearl heart necklace, Long pearl necklace and my small choker pearl necklace! Oh yeah and that lovely gold bangle,and the silver one I wear everyday! I wasn't sure how these colors would go but what the heck like they say on what not to wear "It doesn't have to match it just has to go" So do you think this is a Go? =)


  1. Nice blog you got here


  2. hey nice blog you have there, i totally agree with you that doesn't have to match it just have to go and who says to follow fashion trends, fashion starts from us instead of following anybody. one of the cutest and yet unique i have came across. i was having a look at your necklaces and saw the heart choker necklace and i couldn't help to mention to checkout these heart necklaces a must visit i must say. and you keep updating your blogs its good if i get such an open minded blog friend because i would be following your blog from now on.

  3. gorgeous:) i love your green dress it looks amaizng on you with those pink shoes too

  4. cool post!!!

    lovely outfit girl!!!

    ur blog is so great!!!

    thanx for followin and commentin!!!


  5. lovely pictures.

    thanks for your comments.



  6. Thanks to all of you! means alot! =)

  7. Lovely. But you really need to learn to master your accessory game-- it just seems that you add on random things for the heck of it and it really does take away from the killer outfits. Just an opinion.


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