Thursday, May 13, 2010

ANTM Season 14 winner!

Krista! Is the winner. I didnt really like her becasue of her attitude but when she won and even right before they were going to walk in the Anna Sui fashion show you really saw her soft side. I just think Krista is one of those girls whos not excited and peppy looking all the time like the other girls may be and thats okay. She was being herself just as she said. The only thing she should work on is her personality and her attitude. Now this season I do believe was tough to choose. Raina had the face while Krista as they said could work her body she knew her poses. All her hard work has paid off I cant believe she tried out 12 times. Is that Determination or what?! I really was just waiting to see who'd they were going to pick this season I would have been happy with Raina or krista they were both great. If krista hadn't won I would have wanted Raina or Alexandra. i wanted Alasia to make it a lil further her and Angelea but they just needed more work and thats okay! :) thoughts? Comments? :)

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