Monday, May 3, 2010

All about LATEX!

Everyone's wearing latex outfits. It almost reminds me of leather? I like it alot though I would love to wear a piece any piece. Christina,Gaga,Rihanna and Beyonce all are in latex. Mind you Gaga was wearing it all along,but back to the story. I like the head to toe latex that Lady Gaga and Rihanna are in. I love dresses and I love beyonce who cares if she looks like a rubber ducky i'd wear this point blank. Now everyones saying that Christina is trying to be someone she isn't but this picture is from her song "not myself tonight" so maybe that explains it? What do you think about this whole rubber situation!?
Beyonce in "Telephone", "Christina in "not myself tonight", Lady Gaga,Rihanna


  1. I think I need a Latex dress now... Fab post, darling!


  2. omgosh thank you so much! and your right i want one too! can you follow me please? thanks :)


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