Monday, March 15, 2010

smiley miley !!

Okay so, Miley miley miley! i love this outfit, i wasn't so hott about her when she first came out. but now im really liking her style!. and yes we all want those shoes! matter of fact i'll take the hole "fit". =)
i was never such i fan over miley and her "boy friends" but I think i really like them two together. Miley's gorgeous and I know we can all agree that Liam is as well!! Maybe these two actually have a future.. what do you all think?? =)


  1. i love Miley and i personally think people are too hard on her..i mean some of the stuff she's done has been quite riskay but we all make mistakes right??? and omg Liam is gawwwwgeous! i hope they stay together and yes i loveee her's kinda rocker chic

  2. yes she has and he is gorgeous! lol he may be good for her! =)


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